Simplicity 8390 Everyone should make these super easy DIY Pants

Blue Minerva Storr London Egyptian Cotton Simplicity 8390
Simplicity 8390
Simplicity 8390 in Blue London Storr

There is nothing like early Spring in the Deep South with perfect weather for easy-to-sew beach pants like Simplicity 8390.  It’s Beach time!!! Yes, daylight savings time is today, and I love the longer days (mostly for sewing).  I suffer from terrible seasonal affective disorder, so I completely get out of my winter funk when it stays bright outside until 9 pm!⁠

I was first attracted to the Simplicity 8390 sewing pattern because the pattern envelope on the front showed one piece to cut. Seriously? One pattern piece. I’m in! It’s totally different from putting together a waistband or pockets like in Simplicity 9235.

Simplicity 8390

Choosing a Fabric

I decided to sew these beach-y blue lounge-type pants. The fabric I chose for Simplicity 8390 is from and is absolutely divine. Honestly, like fabric heaven and reminds me of the Caribbean or being on a cruise. 

It’s Storrs London Egyptian cotton lawn and super soft, almost an indulgent tactile pleasure. Those of you who really sew (and are fabric hoarders and addicts) know what I’m talking about. It’s that luxurious fabric you love so much that you just can’t cut it. 

The print on the fabric is gorgeous, bright, inspiring and maybe a little too much for a make with lots of design elements like ruffles. Its print is high quality and done well. There is no white back show-through.

Blue Minera Storr London Egyptian Cotton

 The dye is full and vibrant, like an African wax print, but not as heavy. 

Blue Minerva Storr London Egyptian Cotton

About Simplicity 8390:

  •  It’s one piece, cut twice. 
  •  There are no buttons, zippers, or snaps.
  •  It is almost the perfect pattern for sewing beginners who need some extra confidence. 
  •  You need to know how to work with bias tape. There is a lot of bias tape seam finishing on the tie and back.
Blue Minerva Storr London Egyptian Cotton Simplicity 8390

Don’t try sewing this Simplicity pattern with heavy fabrics. It’s designed for lightweight cotton, voile, lawn, gauze, and crepe. The tie in the front is attached, so heavy fabrics would prevent this from looking prevent the front tie from looking neat and pretty. 

Petite adjustments for Simplicity 8390:

I had to remove over 5 in from Simplicity 8390, the final length of the pattern. My recommendation is to be careful when adjusting the hem length. These pants are slightly tapered, but removing this much fabric from the bottom hem alone can give a boxy pants look. I removed 2 inches from the mid-calf, 1 in from the thigh, and almost 3 inches from the bottom. 

Blue Minerva Storr London Egyptian Cotton Simplicity 8390

This staggered removal is something I personally do on many patterns where removing too much fabric distorts the pattern and the final look of the garment. On my last jumper make, Vogue 9075, I barely took any fabric from the thigh or calf; most of the adjustments for Simplicity 8390 were from the bottom hem. 

Future sewing hacks for Simplicity 8390:

These could easily be refashioned into shorts right from the pattern. 

Made out of a solid-colored fabric, zippers or buttons on the outer side seam would be cool. Lightweight linen + lightweight gauze or lawn lining. To cleanly finish the edges as an alternative to bias tape. Also, this prevents see-through on extremely thin fabrics.

Blue Minerva Storr London Egyptian Cotton Simplicity 8390

Petite Styling Tips:

This would be sew cute with:

  • A tank top (solid for a printed bottom)
  • Simplicity 8685 Tie Top by Mimi G
  • Bikini or swim top or,
  • A kimono-style cover-up with either of the above
  • A slubby sweatshirt like Simplicity 9636

Pants can sometimes make petite ladies look shorter, especially in heavier fabrics. That’s exactly what we don’t want. To combat this pitfall, focus on your jewelry and leave your arms bare so the onlooker’s eye is directed upward. 

What do you think? Have you sewn Simplicity 8390?

Happy sewing,