My Happy Sewing Space, A Video Tour

Shontae Buffington, an African American woman turns on her Babylock Serger in her sewing space

Let’s talk sewing space. It’s so important that we get this right as sewists. Thanks for stopping by today. It’s great to have you here, and I’m excited for you to take a virtual tour of my sewing space. In this video, I emphasize freedom of movement and efficient storage. Let’s start the tour!

As we step into the sewing area, we notice a spacious, well-lit room promoting creativity and inspiration. Because of my seasonal affective disorder, daylight bulbs inside the can lighting provide strategic brightness to enter creative mode. The room is adorned with colorful decorations and African Art from my travels to Ghana, adding a personal touch to the space. The walls are painted soft grey, creating a calming atmosphere that allows me to focus on my sewing projects.

I usually don’t post videos, but this one is best seen up close and personal.

In the center of the sewing space is a large cutting table with ample space for spreading out fabrics and patterns. My husband fashioned and created it out of an Ikea bookshelf turned sideways on wheels. It’s equipped with a custom-produced self-healing cutting mat and has measurements and gridlines marked on the surface, making it convenient for precise cutting. A comfortable height-adjustable chair is placed nearby, ensuring that I can work comfortably for long hours.

Chillax spaces

Further into the space are shelves and cabinets neatly organized with fabric bolts and rolls. Each type of fabric is labeled (mostly) and stored in clear bins, cubbies, or shelves for easy visibility. I’ve also incorporated a system for organizing patterns, including the larger Vogue patterns, with a filing system or pattern binders. This allows me to find the pattern you need without any hassle quickly.

Sewing Machines in my Sewing Space

In the left corner of the room, an L-shaped sewing table accommodates multiple sewing machines from BabyLock (Crescendo and Unity) and a Baby Lock Ovation Serger. Each machine has its own dedicated space, allowing me to switch between them seamlessly. The sewing table features drawers and compartments to store sewing accessories such as thread spools, bobbins, needles, and presser feet. Everything is within reach, keeping my work area tidy and efficient.

Near the sewing table is a cozy sitting area with a comfortable armchair and a small table. This spot is perfect for taking short breaks, flipping through sewing magazines or books for inspiration, or simply enjoying a cup of tea while admiring your finished projects.

Setting the Creative Mood, Lighting

I installed adequate task lighting above the cutting table, sewing table, and ironing station to make the space even more functional. This ensures excellent visibility and reduces eye strain, especially during intricate sewing work or detailed pattern cutting.

As we end the tour, something that is certainly not necessary but helpful adorns my space, a washing machine, and dryer. Incidentally, we purchased a home with two washer-dryer hookups. Originally used as a closet, I now have a second washer upstairs in this space for pre-washing fabrics. I can efficiently use both water, time, and steps by not crowding the family laundry room with my sewing projects; it’s all contained in a single, sometimes messy space.

Shontae Buffington, an African American woman turns on her Babylock Serger in her sewing space

This sewing space is certainly a work in progress. Slowly, it’s becoming a well-organized, creative haven that allows me to focus on my sewing projects while keeping everything within reach. The combination of ample storage, efficient workstations, and Baby Lock Sewing machines creates an environment that fosters both productivity and enjoyment.

I hope you enjoyed exploring my sewing space virtually.

Drop a comment below about the unique features of your sewing space.

Video Credit: Twenty1.9 Films Photo Credits: Rakimism