Everything you need to know about my first experience with Know Me Sewing Patterns ME2013 Review, honest

African American women standing outside on a white porch wearing Know Me Pattern 2013 in teal and blue knit foral fabric

Group sewing is fun, so that’s why I’ve joined this month’s Sew Your View monthly challenge featuring Know Me Sewing Patterns’ Brittany J. Jones’ ME2013, co-owner of Melanated Fabrics.

A little bit about the Know Me Sewing patterns

KnowMe Patterns is designed by makers for makers. This fresh look at patterns, designers, and melanated creatives is a pattern company and sewing line, that is affectionately the fifth pattern line of the Big 4. The pattern line was expressively created by Mimi G, @mimigstyles, resourcefully under her own pattern umbrella. Many of these talented creatives are well-known in the creative and sewing world and certainly had some representation prior to the Know Me Pattern launch. Something Delightful becomes the expert conduit to develop further their sewing creations. The diverse twelve creatives are listed below:

  • Marcia Spencer (Keechii B Style)
  • Duana M. Chandler
  • Nefertiti Griggs (The Corny Rainbow)
  • Julian Collins (Julian Creates)
  • Nikki Brooks (Beaute J’adore)
  • Norris Dánta Ford
  • Alissah Ashton (Alissah Threads)
  • Ella Clausen ( Handmade Millennial )
  • Scorpio Uzuh (Sins of Many)
  • Brittany J. Jones
  • Aaronica B. Cole
  • Gwen Heng

As of the writing of this post, there are 12 Know Me patterns, and each one has a unique pattern. As an experienced sewist, I would classify most of these as mid-level or average-skill patterns. Beginners should definitely want to work up to these, although I wouldn’t discourage trying a few, such as ME2023 and ME2021. The pattern variety and inclusivity are amazing but do not include any petite designs (no love). We will talk about this more below.

Pattern Features

  • Basics: a skirt and a top
  • Two neckline options: scoop or square (note both are crop tops
  • Two skirt-length options
  • Faux button closure/decoration

Skills needed to construct Know Me Pattern ME2013

  • Under stitching
  • Working with knits
  • Forming a button placket
  • Attaching buttons and creating buttonholes

Fabric choices, the world of knit fabrics

I was super surprised to find that this pattern called for a knit fabric. Because we are working with knits with this type of design, there are plackets and facings to help stabilize your make. Remember, the knit fabric that you use for ME 2013 should be stable, like the one I used for McCalls 8142. In fact, the pattern envelope specifically lists Ponte, double knit, and scuba. A poor choice of fabrics for this Know Me sewing pattern would definitely be jersey, ITY, and soft drapey knit. For more help working with knits, click here.

Two Reasons to choose your ME2013 Pattern Fabric Wisely

There are two basic reasons you shouldn’t use any of the fabrics listed above. The first is if you have larger breasts or larger, darker areola, you will definitely have ‘show-through.’ Of course, the fabric color will make a difference. However, a super thin net is only going to look cheap and unattractive. Secondly, there is a button placket in the skirt that clearly needs support. Therefore, an ITY jersey will not do.

Another crucial consideration is that all knit fabric doesn’t stretch the same way in all directions. My Betsey Johnson-inspired floral fabric clearly stretches more on the grainline than it does in the opposite direction. This absolutely matters for areas, such as the hips and bust. For curvier silhouettes like mine, there is more fabric stretching here. There is nothing worse than realizing that you’ve cut one piece on the grain that stretches one way and another piece on the grain another way, all with different stretch percentages. The garment will be uncomfortable.

Grainline Considerations

Did I mention grainline? Yes, pay attention to the grainline, even if you are working with a knit fabric like in Know Me pattern ME2013.

Most people who are sewing are already obsessive about grainline but consider being super obsessive about the front and back casing, pattern pieces, 14 and 15. These pieces are the pieces that make up the waistband. If you cut one in one direction, and the other in another direction, you may never be comfortable in the garment, especially, if your fabric doesn’t stretch the same way in each direction.

Always consider buying more fabric if you go with a print design. I am absolutely obsessive about grainline, and I’m willing to pay a little bit more to have the grain line match up and look store-bought.

Know Me Pattern ME 2013 Pattern Instruction Errors

  1. There is a typo on page 3 for the skirt C and D under number two. The text should read, “Press under 5/8 inch on the un-notched edge of placket facing. As it reads now, it says notched edge. The notched edge was sewn to skirt piece number nine (9).
  2. The instructions do not detail putting the left front side of the skirt to the front. It’s quite nebulous. Therefore, I attached it to the left side of the back of the skirt and then overlapped it as per the instructions.

Hacks for Pattern ME2013

Challenges: The bodice instructions are unnecessarily cumbersome. I didn’t slip-stitch anything. First, don’t close up the side seam. Do this after you’ve constructed the front. Next, skip the basting step for the front. Attach the side front leaving the lining free sewing right sides together. Attach the lining in the same manner. Press. Then close up the side seams in the usual manner.

For those of us working in a conservative workplace (hint, hint, like medicine), the crop top is a weekend-only wardrobe option, so my first hack for you is to extend the length of either top. This pattern adjustment is simple, and any rookie sewist could handle it.

This is the first pattern I’ve tried from the Know Me pattern line. Lots of pieces. This is not an instant gratification type of sewing pattern. You will need to spend some time organizing, planning, and cutting the pieces. Plenty of pieces are ‘cut one‘ versus ‘cut two,’ and that will take you a good bit of time to work through. As always, I’m choosing to use a print. Anyone who’s seen my fabric stash will automatically know that I lean heavily toward bright and vibrant colors, textures, and prints.

Know Me Pattern ME2013

Petite adjustments and considerations for ME2013, know me patterns

Attention, petite girls, excuse me, ladies. As soon as I looked at this Know Me pattern envelope, I knew that I would be making the shorter view of the skirt, view D. However, like always, even with shorter views of skirts, I usually end up hacking 5 to 7 inches from the hem.

The Challenge: Remember, this pattern has an asymmetric front with buttons as its decoration and faux closure. As I looked at cute Britney J Jones in her pink skirt, I automatically knew I would be removing at least one of these beautiful 1-inch buttons. The pattern clearly calls for 6, 1-inch buttons. There is no way on gods green earth. I’m going to be able to wear this skirt without making some adjustments… All thoughts to myself, my standard him adjustment for longer skirts, palazzo, pants, and maxi dresses is approximately 7 inches for those new to this blog and the reference; my standing height is 4 feet 11 1/2 inches.