Who’s that Petite Sewing Gal?

Shontae Buffington in front of green door wearing a hand sewn green dress Simplicity 8545 with hands in front

Hello there! I’m Shontae Buffington, a small-town girl from the South who has found solace in the art of sewing. “Sewing for My Sanity” has become my outlet for coping with life’s stresses and immersing myself in this creative hobby. Despite not learning from my grandmother or mother, I have found joy in using my hands to create beautiful things.

Sewing for My Sanity‘ was created when I learned I could battle life stress with a few hours of intense sewing. Some assume that my grandmother or mother taught me to sew. Neither is true in my case; I’m just a creative who loves to use my hands to make cool stuff. And how I began sewing is a story in itself. 

Being Petite & Sewing

This is also where I share my petite style journey, life hacks, and sewing obsession. In the PetiteLuxLife section, we’ll explore what makes almost any diva swoon–food, travel, outfit ideas, self-care, and general musings about fashion. I love color and prints, whether I’m sewing them or buying them. Playing around with color combinations and experimenting with different looks is my jam.

Some would call me petite and curvy; that’s an entirely different conversation. In reality, I’m super petite, someone less than 5 feet tall, a mighty 4’11”.  

My sewing blog is a product of my personal journey as a petite woman who struggled to find stylish clothes that fit well. Alterations were expensive and time-consuming, so I turned to sewing. As a busy wife, mom of two, and pediatrician, I prefer to express myself through what I wear rather than conform to societal expectations based on age, race, height, or profession.

In real life I…

As a wife, mom of two, and a full-time pediatrician, I don’t have time for much trial and error. And before you even ask, I don’t believe in aging gracefully in this petite life. So, instead of using my age, race, height, or profession to guide my petite style, I wear pieces expressing my personality, emotions, and energy.  

Hopefully, I’ve collected the joys and pains of living life petite to save you time, money, and energy while shopping. But, even if you aren’t petite and don’t sew, look around in the beautylife, and fashion sections. You’d be surprised at what you might find. 

Fabric and Petite Fashion

I practically revamped and redesigned my entire wardrobe by learning to sew. Those of us who sew (for real) and aren’t making oven mitts are sewing furssequin dresses, a boss lady work wardrobe, a perfect pair of pants, or whatever our hearts can dream up. That’s what I do. 

I like to sew everyday garments like simple summer tops, and I love the over-the-top extreme items that you can not buy in a store. Don’t get me wrong, not everything in my closet is hand-sewn. My favorite fabrics are sequins, linen, and knits

Not everything is sewn in my closet. I love incorporating DIY + ready-to-wear, so you’ll find many combo styles, reviews, and fashion tips. Indeed, adding rescued and recycled items adds to my wardrobe’s sustainability. 

Above all, it’s a total break from medicine, where I can meet people from all sorts of backgrounds who love sewing as much as I do. Just like medicine, with sewing, you never really stop learning, and there is always more to do and more to love. 

If this is your first time visiting my blog, welcome, and thank you for reading. Feel free to check out my latest blog post

Join me on this fantastic sewing & style journey. Got questions or comments?

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