Sometimes you need a Not Sweatshirt, Simplicity 9636

Simplicity 9636 top in lux fleece

Cold weather is not my friend. Sometimes I need, well, not a sweatshirt, like Simplicity 9636,, to get through the day. Layers are key wardrobe pieces and I love this outer layer piece to pop on and off during the season.  I love this unique twist on a sweatshirt. 

This sweatshirt is anything but basic

It has semi-short sleeves, a hood,  an optional pocket, and a variation on the lower side seams.  

Pattern Features of Simplicity 9636 

There isn’t a lot to this sewing pattern.  In the envelope, there are only three options:

  • 2 views for the hooded sweatshirt
  • 1 view for the pants

Fabric options for S9636

 I used lux fleece from Joann Fabrics.  Let’s talk about this fleece. Can you say amazing? This is fleece the way it was meant to be–heavenly.  Seriously not a super fleece freak, but I would buy this fleece in a million colors over and over again. 

Simplicity 9636 pants and top

Someone should tell the Joann Stores only to sell this stuff and not the stuff people make no-sew blankets out of with hearts and characters and all sorts of prints.  At any rate, you can also make this out of sweatshirt fabric, Terry, or other stable knits.  In the future, I would take a flyer on making S9686 out of terry or a heavyweight stable knit. Ultimately, I love this fleece, though.

The pants are pure buttery Ponte de Roma from my stash from a fabric run in New York City. The store is no longer in business, and many textile retail changes have occurred in the last several years. In addition, you can use my Guide to Sewing with knits if you need a few extra pointers.

Processed with Lensa with Magic Correction

Simplicity 9686 Petite adjustments

I regrettably didn’t make any adjustments to the Simplicity 9636 top, but it is supposed to be oversized.  The issue here again is that I’m super snack-sized. The fact is, oversized isn’t always my best look. In terms of the pants, I removed approximately seven total inches from the length and could have removed a little more.  I also did not make a crotch adjustment, something I may do next time. 

Skills needed to sew this sweatshirt and pants

Firstly, the top is a great pattern for beginners.  The drawstring on this hoodie is as tough as it gets for the Simplicity 9636 top. The pants, on the other hand, do require zipper insertion skills. Yep, folks, look closely at the notions and pattern drawing on Simplicity 9636, and you will see that, yes, ma’am, those are zippers. Lastly, the pants are also multi-pieced. It’s not simply front and back, which is pretty cool.

Hacks for Simplicity 9636

  • All sort of colorblocking
  • Eliminate the hood
  • Extend the sleeves
  • Bring the armscye up a little (I definitely have to wear a cami or a tank underneath with the current pattern)
Simplicity 9636 top in lux fleece
Short-sleeved sweatshirt designed by Mimi G for Simplicity Creative Group