Simplicity 8655 Tie Top

Simplicity 8685 top

I’ve wanted to sew Simplicity 8655 by Mimi G for a while now.  You will recall, I made the sweet little high-waisted high pants a while ago. Understandably, just never got around to making the top.  Because I’m 4’11.5″, I felt that wearing the two pieces together just wasn’t my thing.  

Petite Sewing Musings…

Remember, I always stress proportions with any outfit but especially if you are petite or super petite like me. Proportion is so important when developing and creating your own style.  I’ve learned that I have to show a little skin and draw the eye upward with all my gear.  I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve stood up and someone’s said, ‘I had no idea you were that short’.  It’s all an illusion.

Simplicity 8685 top

The Simplicity top is view A and it’s extremely easy. It’s unlined and the pattern features a beautifully delicate yet powerful sleeve–but the tie is long. When I made the muslin below I was devastated by the length.  

Simplicity 8685 top muslin

How to style it

I mean I can wrap this thing around my body double time.  So, I did something a little different.  I made the Simplicity 8655 tie top and it literally sat in my done pile for about 6 months. Why do you ask? Let’s consider this, while I adored the fabric, it’s a deep V with this awkwardly long tie.  Then I was packing for Hawaii and I thought, what in the world, I need a dark swim coverup to wear with my black bikini and my bag was full enough.

Simplicity 8685 top

So I packed this super lightweight and wrinkle-free fabric and made my bikini pop out a little bit.  It gives a little sass to the monochromic black bikini and honestly, the hat and glasses were all about trying to not get crispy in the Georgia heat. 

Simplicity 8685 top

Instead of Simplicity 8685 tying the tie in the front, I wrapped it around the back.  I love it either way and the best part of it is on vacation it doubles as a swim cover-up and a top.  

Simplicity 8685 top

I definitely plan on making a few more with some petite adjustments.

So let’s talk about what I did to this top… actually I did nothing.  This sewing make is without any petite alterations but here’s what I would do in the future to make this even more petite friendly.

First, I would slightly taper the sleeve and add fabric to the bottom for more wearability.  It’s definitely a crop top and definitely CAN not fit into my daily wardrobe.  This is a vacation, weekend, special wear item.

Below is what the tie looks like not tied to the back either way this Simplicity sewing pattern is a winner and worth every bit of my dedicated sewing time

Simplicity 8685 top