Sew this Vogue dress pattern, Don’t Be Basic

I know you want to mix it up in Vogue 9112. Here’s a little showcase of this amazing vogue dress pattern. If you are petite I have a few tips for making the most out of this sewing pattern here. It’s a Marcy Tilton Vogue pattern so that’s enough said, right.

Over the last few years, I feel like Vogue has stepped it up a little bit. This sewing pattern, however, is pretty old but not out of print (yet). The dress is still hot! And honestly can be made in so many creative ways. Just let your imagination fly away.

For the first Vogue dress pattern make, I didn’t do any length adjustments and I think it’s ok. Petite gals, you understand the plight. Therefore, when I made the second one, I made it shorter. That is to say, the shorter length with the Ankara fabric above, accents my personal style and body type. That’s code for it makes me look taller.

Sewing Lessons Learned

The sewing lesson here is that changing up a few things on a pattern– personal fitting adjustments, fabric, accents, etc, can change the entire look of the make. Vogue patterns easily transition for your style and body type especially

When we sew a pattern in a different fabric we often get a totally different vibe by using a different fabric. This was definitely the case with Vogue 9112. It’s a fantastic sewing pattern. And yes she has pockets.

Why are we so in love with dresses with pockets? Well listen up, guys get clothing with pockets every single day. What about us? Don’t I need some functional clothing?

Do you have a pattern like Vogue 9112 that you’ve sewn in a different color fabric or made significant adjustments to?

Other Vogue dress patterns that I’ve made that I may revamp are:

  • Vogue 9253 here
  • This Vogue Peplum dress here

Photo Credit: Shot by Somi Makeup: Ryan Royal Hair: Demkia Trimmings

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