Vogue 9112 Sewing Jigsaw Puzzles makes me Happy

Vogue 9112 in Ankara

Sewing is like a jigsaw puzzle anyway but when you are sewing Vogue 9112 by Marcy Tilton, well get ready.  It’s her natural style to be off the chain with seams, hems, and visual tantalizations so this pattern is no different.  

Check out this video of me dancing like a fool in Ghana; it was the perfect dress for dinner

Pattern Features of Vogue 9112

It’s a pullover dress. Simple and sweet, there isn’t a whole lot to sew on this pattern.  It’s beginner-friendly and a great way to look super chic without having a ton of sewing skills.  This Vogue sewing pattern brags a cool asymmetric hem and lots of pieces to play with placement.  There is only one view, no buttons, zippers, or snaps.  

Sewing Techniques need for Vogue 9112

If you are looking to make this as your first make as a sewing beginner, make sure you can sew a curve.  Don’t laugh.  You need to be able to sew a curve and make gathers.  If you are missing any of these skills, this dress may be poufier than desired.  On that note, make sure your pressing game is strong–yup pressing, not ironing.  Vogue is going to make sure you know how to use a pressing ham because these pieces have curves and gathers.  Without solid pressing techniques, you will look like you are wearing a tent or a hospital gown and no one wants that.

Fabric choices for the dress

You have so many choices when making this dress.  Any cotton or linen will do but be careful with Vogue 9112.  Remember folks, she is an unlined dress.  If you go too shear, everyone is looking at your bloomers, bra, and well everything else; too heavy and you lose the draping effects on the side.
The first one I made out of this juicy luscious sateen with a soft immersive hand from Minerva Fabrics.  When I tell you that they absolutely outdid themselves on this fabric.  You have no idea.  I reluctantly cut through it because I loved it so much.  When the fabric came, I literally just stared at it.  Then I hugged it.  (And if you just smiled, I love you).  I know I said it before but, it’s just so soft it makes you want to touch it.  This fabric also has a bit of stretch to it, just enough to make it comfortable and wrinkle-free for travel.
The second one I made was out of Ankara and was shortened by about an inch.

Petite adjustments for Vogue 9112

I didn’t make any major petite adjustments.  The first one I made was longer than expected but totally worked for the type of fabric used.  I literally made no length adjustments.  I’m super petite, 4’11.5″ for reference and I could get away with wearing this work.  A taller individual may struggle with the length as it may be quite short and casual.  Some individuals have put tights or leggings on underneath because it was either too short or too sheer.  One should note, that there are no shorten or lengthen lines on the pattern.  I imagine the best place to make any adjustments would be to the hemline of all patterns in the hem (nightmare) but possible, certainly possible. 

On the second make, I decreased the length by approx 1″.  Either way, I think that Vogue 9112 doesn’t need a lot of adjustments.  The patterning fitting adjustment I made was cutting a size mall on top and a medium on the bottom.  I graded the seam at the hip to accommodate my larger hip in proportion to my waist.  I generally make a 10-12 top and a 14-16 on the bottom.  In retrospect, I don’t think this was absolutely necessary but it gave me the right aspect ratio with the dress.

I’m traveling internationally this summer and I’m definitely going to pack this Marcy Tilton’s Vogue 9112 as one of the fun and carefree wardrobe pieces.  

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