Look Amazing in this Off-the-Shoulder Dreamy top

Chut Charlotte Pretty Woman

I’m branching out into independent sewing companies these next couple of months, and the first of my explorations starts with a French pattern company, Chut Charlotte. Let’s sew he Chut Charlotte Pretty Woman top.

Chut Charlotte Pretty Woman

Don’t worry. You won’t have to invest in a French language course to make any of these patterns.  

Pretty Woman Pattern Features

The pretty woman top by Chut Charlotte is a multi-season multi-view pattern. The sewist can choose to make either a top or dress. Let’s start by identifying the number of ways you can make the pretty woman top!! Yes, I’m a sewing nerd. It’s a simple permutation problem (see, math is all around us). 

This top has several views and options to fit almost anyone’s style. So you could have a top and a dress for virtually every day of spring. 

Chut Charlotte Pretty Woman

Pattern Instructions

The instructions are written for English-speaking sewists and are accurately documented and easy to follow. However, American creatives should remember some metric-imperial conversions because everything is in centimeters, even the pattern sizing.

I made the twisted top with long sleeves and cute little ties. I was skeptical of the sleeve length because I’m a super petite gal. And they are a little long but not enough to grumble about.

Chut Charlotte Pretty Woman

The pretty woman top is a great sewing pattern for beginner sewists. My version of the ‘pretty woman’ pattern features a front, back, sleeve with self-ties and the twisted upper piece. 

I put this top together in about an hour and wore it to lunch the same day. 

The only struggle I had was with the ties, which I discuss and make suggestions about below.

Printing Chut Charlotte patterns

For some reason, I had a hard time getting this pattern to print correctly both at home and at the professional printers. I eventually printed the shop copy A0 version at a local print shop.

Chut Charlotte Pretty Woman

It’s so beautifully colored. You can print all the sizes or just the size you want by deselecting the sizes you don’t need. Also, the size lines are in different colors, so you can find the proper size to print if you decide to print in color.

Fabric used for Pretty Woman Chut Charlotte top

This sewing pattern is designed for knits. So I wouldn’t advise using any other fabrics. The first top I made was a black and white striped super terry soft knit from an Atlanta-based brick and mortar spot called Melanated Fabrics. If you’ve never been to this shop, it’s worth a field trip. It’s exquisitely soft and perfect for this sewing pattern.

Knit striped fabric

I would avoid thinly woven knits or super slinky ITY and any woven fabrics. And you know I’m going to tell you to use my favorite presser foot, the differential feed foot.

Alterations & Hacks for the Pretty Woman top

There are no English instructions for the sleeve ties. The pattern designer encourages you to leave these raw. I personally didn’t like the aesthetics of unfinished sleeves, hems, or ties.

Chut Charlotte Pretty Woman

Tip #1: when constructing the sleeve, put the right sides together of each tie. Trim the corner in the shape of a triangle, being careful not to snip your seam. Use a spaghetti strap turner to turn to the right side. Work the turner to make the corners of the strap neat. Press. Press again. And oh, press again. 

Chut Charlotte Pretty Woman

Tip #2: Hack the sleeve into multiple pieces or create an open slit.

Tip #3: Vertically cut the front or back piece up the center front and hem for a more youthful party-ready look 

Chut Charlotte Pretty Woman

Ideas and inspiration for the Pretty Woman Top

My thoughts went to a simple party dress with lightly sequined fabric. It’s an off-the-shoulder show stopper.

Other considerations include contrasting upper and lower pieces.

Another idea: beach or resort wear 

Have you made the Chut Charlotte’ Pretty Woman’ Top or Dress?