McCalls 8047 When you sew something you hate

African-American woman standing in her office wearing McCall's 8047 with a black Tory Burch belt

It’s safe to say I hate McCalls 8047, EdieMcCalls.  Yes, hate is an extremely strong word, but words can not express how yucky this pattern makes me feel. Let’s get into it and why  I don’t love it.  

I love knit fabric. It’s probably my favorite fabric to sew with, and this McCalls 8047 shouldn’t have presented so many issues.  I knew that I would have to make some length adjustments, given that the pattern is a wide-leg jumper.

Pattern Features:

-It’s a romper or jumpsuit.  I love jumpsuits.  My favorites are the front zip denim diva McCalls 7908,  the non-stop beauty Vogue 9075, and Natala McCalls 8101.  I thought I would add this to my cute jumpers and rompers collection.

I’m Southern and pretty conservative.  I’m also a professional woman living in a small town that I’ve nicknamed Mayberry.  That last statement is only relevant if you are a Boomer, Gen Z, or Gen X person.  I generally do not wear any cleavage out.  I’m a married momma, and it’s just not my thing, but I have made clothing with a deep V, like Vogue 9253, that was super classy despite the plunging neckline.  Also, before someone starts curling their upper lip out there in the sewing universe,  I do not judge other beautiful women who like this neckline; it’s just not my go-to for everyday wear.  Also, I wrote an entire blog post on how to wear this neckline like a boss here.  

McCalls 8047 features three bodice options: an off-the-shoulder, strapless, and wrap front.  You can create your own look with this pattern.  A million ideas were swirling in my head about how to dress this up and down.  I was dreaming of how to get away with wearing it to work and how to wear it with sneakers.  The pants options are flowy shorts, wide-leg pants, and a slimming elasticized bottom.  Honestly, I love all of these options and the math permutation calculation of outfits.

Petite alterations

My standard length adjustments. Some people have offered a variety of technical ways to do this. I’m a doctor. I didn’t go to school to sew clothes, so please, a little social grace. I’ve learned to add and subtract in a non-conventional way.

Fit challenges

Moving on, and back to McCalls 8047, I didn’t know my breasts would peak out of this thing like a holiday surprise when I made it.  My first thought was to adjust the shoulders but keep in mind the shoulders are gathered, not a lot, but enough.  Often when the neckline is too deep for me, it simply means I need to make a shoulder adjustment. Mind you, I’d already made a waist and leg adjustment.  I removed approximately 0.75 inches from the shoulder, 1 inch from the waist, and 5.5 inches from the pants broken up between three break points.

Skills Needed for this Sewing Pattern

  • Make a casing
  • Understitching
  • Work with knits

Future thoughts on McCalls 8047

Maybe  I will try a different view and revitalize it in my collection. I’ve also lost about 13 lbs, and now it looks and fits differently, which made me think I may have cut the wrong size. At any rate, I’ve worn it a few times now in my new body and it’s ok.