Kahmune Becky, The only luxury pump you will ever need

African American women lying in the back seat of a car wearing McCalls7908 and Kahmune Becky 70mm

Hey there! I recently purchased the Kahmune Becky shoes, and I absolutely love them! These shoes are not only stylish but also comfortable and versatile. Whenever I sew, I search out high-quality accessories and pieces to accent my makes, like my recent post on the Akinyi top by D’iyanu. Often, an outfit isn’t complete, even if it’s athleisure like McCalls 8244, without a great shoe like my white On Clouds.

I’ve been eyeballing these shoes for a hot minute and couldn’t get over the price and the inability to return or exchange them. At the writing of this review, which is not paid for or sponsored in any way, you can return and exchange the shoes under the company’s return policy.  

My Kahmune Becky Shoe Story

Here’s my story. I was in love with another shoe. Yes, we fashion divas love our shoes. The shoe I was in love with was my Sam Edelman Felicia ballets. These are my go-to shoes. I wear them in almost every color, shade, and fabric repeatedly to work. It’s my go-to work shoe. My Sam Edelman party and date night shoe is the Hazel pump. I have these shoes in as many colors and shades as the Felicia ballet. One works hard during the day and the other at night and on the weekend.  

Unfortunately, I desperately needed a nude heel for McCalls 7908 jumpsuit made with denim from Mood Fabrics. Unlike Vogue 9075 which goes perfectly with a block heel or even a flat shoe, I needed to make a statement. I thought a block heel might work, but quickly remembered the statement that the pump makes is like no other, so I was on the hunt. Every shoe I purchased hurt, I couldn’t walk in them, or it was the wrong shade. When I say the shoes were the wrong shade, who exactly is this color? No one is, ma’am. Therefore, I was hunting for a quality pump in my shade, not my color. I am not a color. I’m a shade. Enter Kahmune, a small business that produces quality shoes in everyone’s nude shade. Having a nude shoe is essential. Nude shoes go with everything in your closet. A nude pump pulls together your outfit for an incredibly polished look.  

African American women holding car tool in front of car wearing McCalls7908 in the Kahmune Becky

About Kahmune shoes

Let me tell you a little about Kahmune if you have yet to hear. The founder is London-born Jamela Acheampong, who, out of frustration, painted a white shoe to match her skin tone; sad but true. I incidentally met her in person at a conference utterly unrelated to shoes, and she’s charming, so that makes me feel even better about my purchase. Rarely do you meet the founder of anything these days, and sometimes the disappointment is too much to handle, not so with Ms. Acheampong.

Kahmune Shoe Deets

The shoe’s leather upper and outsole are made and cut in Italy and sustainably sourced from 100% genuine Italian Nappa leather. It’s buttery soft and adds to the shoes’ comfort. The shoes are padded with memory foam.

My experience with Kahmune

I ordered the Kahmune Becky pump in 70mm shade Enugu for $395. Yes, the shoe ordering gets that specific and serious. Please don’t gasp at the price. These shoes brag a leather upper, outsole, and lining with two layers of memory foam in the insole dream to wear.

African American women lying in the back seat of a car wearing McCalls7908 and Kahmune Becky 70mm

I love this shoe, but it’s too big for me. I could have returned it, but I needed it for the photoshoot for McCalls 7908, that denim jumpsuit, and I had no time to exchange it. In a pinch, I used shoe padding designed for pumps, and it worked well.  

Remember, I just said I had no time to return them. I had these shoes ordered next-day or 2-day shipping or something ridiculously fast. I’ve never gotten an item so quickly in my life. For reference, the Kahmune warehouse or shipping depot must be close by. I’m in Georgia, and these shoes shipped from Atlanta. I was happy. I also ordered the Kahmune Kennedy Flat 2.0 in Enugu in that shipment for $235. Oddly, I looked like I was wearing my big sister’s shoes. I don’t have a big sister, but you get the point. I returned these.

Regarding packaging, the box is logo’d brown and white, and the shoes came with a shoe bag, another bonus in my book.

Advice for ordering shoes with Kahmune

Figuring out your shade.  

This part was the easiest part for me. Each shade is named after the women of the skin tones that inspire that shade. For example, Bogota – “the sun-kissed glory of Columbia.” I had an idea of my shade, and the models and makeup references the owner and team use on the website make it easy. For example, most women worldwide have worn MAC makeup, L’Oreal Paris, Bobbi Brown or Fenty Makeup. For reference, I’m a MAC NW45 and a Fenty shade 420, which means I’m a shade Enugu or Kumasi, but looking at the models, I’m closer to Kumasi. More on that later. The company brags a 99% shade match rate; I agree with that assessment. If you are still on the struggle bus, order the leather swatches. At this time, the leather swatches for Kahmue shoes are $10.  

African American women working on car wearing McCalls7908

Choosing the correct size.  

Choosing a size was my biggest challenge when ordering the Kahmune Becky Pump. I’m a standard shoe size seven medium and a Euro size 38. I do not have any unique foot problems or concerns. And my feet are approximately the same size. 

Decide on the height.  

How high do you want to go? If you don’t like super high heels, you have that option. You might want a slight lift, as with the Kahmune Becky pump. I went with the 70mm, but it comes in other heel heights for those who desire a higher heel.

An Investment in fashion and your feet

The Kahmune Becky is a beautifully brown shade of Enugu for me, matching almost any outfit. I have worn them with jeans, dresses, and even shorts, which always add elegance to my look. The shoes are made from high-quality leather, which makes them durable and long-lasting. I also purchased the Kahmune Audrey, my favorite Kahmune shoe that I will review later, but I bought it in the shade Kumasi.

What I appreciate the most about the Kahmune Becky shoes is their comfort. The shoe has a cushioned insole, making it very comfortable to walk in, even for extended periods. I have worn them for hours, and my feet never felt tired or achy.

In addition to being stylish and comfortable, these shoes are also ethically made. Kahmune is a brand that is committed to sustainability and ethical practices, which is something that I value as a conscious consumer.

Overall, I highly recommend the Kahmune Becky shoe to anyone looking for a stylish, comfortable, and ethically made shoe. They are worth the investment and a great addition to any wardrobe.