Simplicity 8330 How to break the rules in sequins

Simplicity 8330 in sequins.  Sequins are my jam. I love to sew with challenging fabrics so it should come as now surprise that I’m not following the directions and sewing this dress in sequins.  Let’s get into Simplicity 8330 and sew some formalwear.

Dress Features for Simplicity 8330

This dress has three views.  I love every view of this sewing pattern.  The dilemma was I was attending a ball, a masked ball in New Orleans, yup a sort of masquerade ball.  At five feet and some change, I didn’t want to feel overwhelmed by my dress.  In fact,  I googled (is that a word, like an actual verb) a million ways to show up to this party appropriately.  I needed a formal dress and a mask for sure but what about the length of the dress?. Yes, most formal dresses are long or full-length, but my height made me nervous about wearing a full-length dress and getting on a parade float.  Oh, and I forgot to tell you about the parade float, yes we were getting on a parade float, and I had to not trip and fall, get shoved and fall, and all that.

Sequins are my only choice

I made Simplicity 8330 before in sequins, view C for Atlanta Frocktails a million years ago. Here’s the thing: It’s not supposed to be sewn in novelty sequins, but I made it that way and wore it like a boss. That fabric came from Fine Fabrics in Atlanta.  Shopping for fabric in Atlanta is all about food and fabric.    

I wanted to make B, the Barbie dress, but alas, at $29 a yard for the sequined material I wanted, the Barbie-styled dress required at least 3.5 yards. Not to mention, I only had a few days to cut and sew the Simplicity 8330 dress. If you’ve followed along with my blog, and if you are living this adrenaline-driven-crazed life, you understand that life doesn’t give us enough time to sew, create, and be all things to all people. Therefore, I adjusted all my sewing hopes and dreams to the shorter version of the dress once again.  At first, I felt punked. But it was me who procrastinated and limited the choices.  I needed to be realistic and successful otherwise, I’d end up with a spur-of-the-moment Amazon dress. I did find a super cute rose gold mask at Beyond Masquerade for me and the husband.

Sewing with Sequins

I’m no novice to sequins, but every time I sew with this fabric, I question my judgment and sanity.  It is a labor of love, and you must have much fortitude to not give up whilst dusting sequins out of your curls, earlobes, and bra cup. I wrote a two-page blog post on how to get through the process, including fabric prep and finishing techniques. I love Simplicity 8330. It never disappoints me. I’m sad that my original make is too big to wear, so I affectionately donated it to a good cause. I pray some beautiful person wears it in style because it brought me so much joy.

Petite adjustments and sizing for Simplicity 8330

I cut a size 10. For reference, at the time of sewing, my measurements were waist 27.5 inches, bust 32 inches, and hips 37 inches. My height is 4’11.5”, hence the five feet of fire, and my weight is 124.6 lbs.