4 Basic Wardrobe Sewing Patterns that will make you sparkle

Mccalls 8244

During the last two years, some of us spent plenty of time inside. It’s time to get out and move, walk and hug. Some of ya’ll don’t have any clothes to do that in, so building up your basic wardrobe sewing patterns is fundamental.

#1 McCall’s 8112- The essential wardrobe builder, the T-Shirt

Ok, so it’s a simple pattern, but layers are everything. Layering is smart, no matter what global weather disaster you are subjected to.  Initially, I picked up this pattern because of the cute little teeny-looking model in her blingy top.  That #AstridMcCalls is right up my weekend wardrobe alley.  On further dissection of the pattern, I discovered that it’s a solid slubby t-shirt pattern, essential for your stash of basic wardrobe sewing patterns.  Especially view B gives that oversized relaxed vibe without being sloppy.  I made M8112 in less than an hour. You can check out my make here.

#2 McCall’s 8024 – The Sweatshirt, the wardrobe sewing pattern essential layer

The sweatshirt you want to live in all season.  Who could not love a cozy oversized loose-fitting top?  I love the drop shoulder and the variety of styles available.  Who knew a top, and a sweatshirt at that, could have so many variations? And as a petite sewist, I don’t think I will have to make many adjustments. You can check out my make here. The great thing about wardrobe sewing patterns is you can stack McCalls 8112 with McCall’s 8024 in the same outfit.

McCalls 8024 sweatshirt wardrobe sewing patterns
McCalls 8024 sweatshirt

#3 McCall’s 8029 –  The Boss Chic Cape, wardrobe sewing pattern outerwear

Outerwear for the fall and winter is essential no matter how long or short the season is.  This pattern is tauted as very easy and according the line drawing only has a few pieces.  It might be a quick make for the season and an easy piece to throw on when you running out of the door to work or to get groceries.  I think wool, fleece, or a wool blend paired with jeans and stilettos.  Again, pairing wardrobe sewing patterns together means you can get more wear out of each garment. You can check out my make here.

McCalls 8029 cape in wool wardrobe sewing patterns
McCalls 8029 cape in wool from Minerva Fabrics

#4 McCall’s 8145 – The Anywhere top

This pattern has amazing swag and potential.  The sleeves are my favorite part. Or may its the fact that #BeverleyMcCalls has the ability to be worn all year long.  It’s just enough sleeve to be flirty and fun–you have to have it in your wardrobe sewing pattern stack.  Also, I love knits, and it’s a knit so enough said. I’m going to try to make it out of various weights of fabrics and play with the sleeve length and variations.  You can check out my make here.

Where this knit top anywhere, just because…

McCall’s 8244 Let’s talk Athleisure wear

I fought long and hard but this trend is here to stay.  Everyone is wearing athlesiure wear almost everywhere so it’s not surprising that McCall’s (aka Something delightful) is coming out with a fresh semi-workout pattern for the fall. Quick and easy make and ready to wear for my next grocery run or workout.  The pattern has a good deal of variety in itself for several

McCalls 8145

I hope everyone is staying safe and sewing like crazy!