Burda 6344: Sewing the Wrap Maxi

Burda dress

Let me start this post by saying I’ve never made anything from Burda Style patterns by Simplicity Creative Group before but seeing this wrap maxi dress, Burda 6344 was irresistible.  Who could pass up a flow-y custom-made maxi dress with twisted shoulder straps? It’s a little unexpected touch of genius.  

Burda 6344

I’ve slowly steered myself away from workwear to sewing some fun garments. Life is way too short to be dull and gray every day.  It’s obviously not a workwear piece as it has a plunging neckline. And depending on the fabric choice, it could be formal or casual.  Like always, the shoe and jewelry choice will dictate the appropriate affair to don this easy-going maxi.

Burda 6344

The sewing pattern comes in two lengths, and since I’m not even five feet, I went straight for the maxi dress length, view B. The shorter view sports a flirty free-flowing flounce.

I morphed the two views together for a maxi/midi look. I’m five feet; it works. The empire waist with the belt ties helps to cinch the look for work or play.
If you are starting, this isn’t a complicated pattern, but the directions are scant. I would not recommend it for first-time sewists or even beginners for that reason.
The twist strap positioning instructions are not great. I braided mine and stitched across for ease and stability after fitting. Getting the straps right is crucial to not having your breasts exposed. 

Burda 6344

Warning, for full-busted women, think about your undergarment choices before making this dress and also try on your undergarments before making the final strap adjustment.  Wrap dresses are a style balancing act for just about anyone who is well-endowed on the top. Too much are you can only go to the club and nowhere else.

Burda 6344

I think the princess seams on this stern help you get a good fit, preventing major draglines and cup spillage.
I made a size 12, but I probably could have made a ten, but I wanted to ensure I had enough fabric for the bust area.

Fabric for Burda 6344:  

This is one of my favorite fabrics, jersey knit.  I’ve dedicated a lot of my sewing time to giving other sewists the courage to sew knits.  I wrote a tutorial here. And did a YouTube video on how to pick the correct knit for your project here

As for this fabric, it is a digital abstract jersey print sold by Gala Fabrics Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 🍁
Yes, you read that right, Canada. I loved fabric shopping on my girls’ trip to Vancouver.  The people were friendly and the scenery picturesque.  British Columbia is a beautiful place.  It was a little chilly 🥶 when I went, so I’d love to go back when the weather is a wee bit warmer.

Now back to sewing…

As always, I like to share the petite changes I’ve made, if any.

Petite adjustments for Burda 6344:

  • The standard: reduce the length of the dress by taking 2.5” from the flounce and 3” from all the skirt sections
  • The straps: shortened by 2” 

Style points for Wrap Maxi dresses:

  • Add a dainty necklace to draw attention up to the face and elongate the frame
  • Strapped sandals would give off a relaxed vibe
  • An artful pair of sneakers such as Vegas or Superaga’s would make a statement

Do you like to wear or sew maxi dresses? Drop me a comment below.  Until next week, stay safe and happy sewing.

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