Frocktails Butterick 8330 How to Sew with Sequins, again

Butterick 8330 sequins

I was so excited to attend the first-ever Atlanta Frocktails hosted by Topstitch Atlanta and Fabricate.  Once again I procrastinated and didn’t get going on Butterick 8330 done until way late.  I purchased the fabric, had a great idea, but my patient load and life with kids just kept preventing me from sewing like I wanted to.  

Yellow sequins on Black knit
Yellow sequins on Black knit

I fell in love with these sequins and had to have them. Finding a pattern was a little more of a challenge. I needed something simple enough to let the sequins speak. It’s so important not to complicate sewing. Even on these new sewing shows, complicating the pattern or the fabric just doesn’t look or feel right. Think of the little black dress when you think of Butterick 8330

Butterick 8330 is that pattern. 

Butterick 8330
Butterick 8330

Personally, I call it the Barbie pattern because it looks like something she and her friends would wear out on the town and the pattern envelope picture looked like a party.  

Yellow sequins on mesh

Though I procrastinated, I finished it And made the drive to Atlanta. 

Butterick 8330
Butterick 8330, sewing, sequins

My favorite part of this dress is the back closure. 

Sequins, Butterick 8330

Upcycled used buttons from something I no longer wear. A fantastic hack.

Atlanta Frocktails

I meet so many lovely sewists.

@Naomipjohnson, Atlanta Frocktails, Butterick 8330

Everyone was all smiles and seeing all of the wonderful makes just made my day.

@meggiesews, Atlanta Frocktails, sewing, sequins

Full of smiles, handcrafted drinks, and fun–complete with a runway show.

Butterick 8330 sewing Atlanta Frocktails

It’s was a great night and I hope Topstitch Atlanta and Fabricate consider it a success because I had a great time.

Butterick 8330

It was also date night–my favorite night of the month.

If you want to know more about to sew sequins check out my other blog post.